Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Google TV Coming to Make Your TV..

Google TV- a place where web meets TV and TV meets web

Since last century, there’s only one entertainment device which people love and it’s TELEVISION. In fact, billions of people all around the world are keen interested in watching TV. Its favoritism is equivalent in population, globally. Recently, people are also indulged in another entertainment device, that’s the WEB.

As nothing can be perfect, both the TV and the WEB have some deficiencies. It is difficult to search channels in TV and once you missed a show you have to wait for its repeat telecast. While the web is easy to search but it has lacking of picture quality that is found in TV. What will you feel…? If a device is launched having easy and fast access with high quality picture screen. A great combination of these two is “GOOGLE TV”

No doubt it’s a brilliant idea. It’s a new service and announced at the company's Google I/O developers conference. It possesses both facilities of web and TV. It’s a web-TV hub. Now, you can browse the shows, serials etc. you wish to watch. It’s a brilliant entertainment device that surely entertains you. It is ideal with fast accessing, searching and good picture features.

Now all programs, shows and videos you have desire to access are available for you, when and wherever you want.  Technically, Google TV supports flash technology and all of its input devices have QWERTY keyboards.  But users can use a directional pad as per their convenience.  

Unlike yahoo connected TV that is launched a year ago, Google TV is a nascent one, it doesn’t connected or rely on anyone else. As far as its presentation is considered, it looks like yahoo connected TV because it is offering widget-based concept of web which is specifically designed for accessible TV experience. It also offers the widgets of Twitter, YouTube,   Amazon, Blockbuster, Facebook, NBC, USA Today, eBay, CBS, Showtime  and much more than expectations
As far as its cost is concerned, it doesn’t disclose yet. You have the option to directly connect it with Sony TV-a Google partner or got plug a set-up box in your existing device. In both cases in terms of cost, it will amount same as a brand new Google TV or external box. Then add internet connection charges. It will be affordable

It may be hated by the cable guys as it can mess up their business. You will no longer be subscriber of any cable network or you may slash back your subscription because the Google TV will offer free of cost channels access.
Second detestation may be faced from program gurus and content providers because they have to modify and readjust their marketing strategies in order to attract their hybrid customers.
In contrast to them, youngsters, marketer and brands will surely love it because the rich media ads in this will have more adhesiveness and integrated audience.
Its not consider up till now that whether Google TV will launch its own advertisement or not, if it is intended to do advertisement, it may blemish the provided gadget.

Privacy issues are of great importance and people are curious about them, in context of today’s tension. A web-fed TV has particularity that searches approach in front of people sooner than they think and they are able to yield their favorite show result in a while. Now one must have the idea that marketers will also be able to watch what you are searching, looking, how long and how often…
In the end, Google TV also brings the analytical and searching data in front of marketing game again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Basic SEO Content Writing

Basic SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing is a crucial and most significant gadget for optimization and promotion of a website. Unfortunately, the importance of website content writing is not admired by most of people and most of the website companies have ineffective and lowest grade content writing staff. Only standard designed companies catch the help from this technique for SEO optimization of their websites. SEO Content Writing must be considered extremely important for a website promotion because it gratifies the customer on the page by providing a quite informative as well as interesting content regarding the particular keyword.

In search of the particular keyword visitors have a mindset and tremendous choices to explore needed information through several websites. As they have lots of choices, consequently you have great competition. You have uncountable competitors all around the world; on a single keyword your targeted audience has thousands of results at search engine. When they are surfing from them, they need to gather simple, straightforward, informative and interesting material. Additionally, as a matter of fact your visitors have no such time to read complete article. They just read the tag lines, if they find them relevant as well as informative they stay on your webpage, otherwise they switch to another one.
So, what we wanna say here is that in SEO content writing tag lines are significantly powerful for the site hence you have to show your good concentration on developing them. These should be clear to give information about, what your webpage contains. From the above understanding, webmasters must have to remember the peculiar importance of the title and Meta tags in the entire page content for maximum performance of your webpage.
For an SEO content writing, one should make sure that his primary keywords are highlighted with h1, h2 and h3 tags on the webpage. All Meta tags that are written should be relevant to your topic, properly set or well defined. These Meta tags improve the quality for your web SERP (search engine results page) and help to generate traffic in your targeted search keyword.
Another one is the placement of your keywords. Keyword must be dispersed naturally in your content along with the semantic terms. In SEO content writing 2% to 4% keyword density is considered as good for SE ranking. Another important consideration to be in mind is URL and title of the page. In most of the cases, these two are not relevant hence webmaster attempts to rename them or redirect to make available the crucial back links point.
In addition, for a good SEO content writing one should also design the content in such a way that will be appealing and smart for users. It will give related information, set the format for all the pages synchronically. During your writing you may offer extra information related to your product, topic or services. In the last step of SEO content writing analyze your content to make sure for any typographical or grammatical mistakes. In the end of SEO content writing you will have to make sure one paragraph is well related to the next one and the whole content is synchronized, informative and containing good keywords quantity